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WhipSinLeather bdsm whips, floggers, shibari/kinbaku leather bondage rope

Currently the Leather Rope is in such high demand, there is a two week lead time. 

All proceeds go towards beating the system

The things we do

Katana Whips

The Katana Whip is a creation of mine developed out of a need for a versatile tool.Coined so because they resemble the look of a katana sword .They can  can range from sensual to down right mean and nasty. Depending on the tip selection, length and leather used. They can be heavy impact, sting, sting with an umph behind it and in a practiced hand a combination of all. 

Leather whip stitched rope bag, handmade by us. Stuffed full of beautiful leather rope handcrafted.

Leather Rope

The idea of making rope out of leather seemed a common sense thing to do.So, here ya go and it has turned out splendidly.

Floggers, clappers, slappers and flippy flappers

WhipSinLeather makes some fairly unique floggers if I must say so. I use top grade leather and fine craftsmanship to fashion them. They are made in varying sizes to fit most needs. Whatever comes across the brain and turns out usable ends up here. Always looking for new and innovative bdsm whips, flappers, clappers,

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