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About Us

New Ideas

Crafty little devil that plays with leather. Tinkerer by nature, eye for fine craftsmanship and thought enthusiast. Strive to stay current and on top of the game with my finger firmly on the pulse.

Things with leather

I use only the finest of leather and suede to make your pieces. First class top shelf or nothing here. I make some very unique stuff. My flagship piece is the Katana Whip. Nothing like it out anywhere else. It is nothing like a dragontail, so no. I'm always on that think out for new ideas to offer you  wonderfully creative people to perv, kink and play with in a multitude of crazy ways. Y'all never cease to amaze me!

The leathers

Here at WhipSinLeather I have all kinds of crazy, beautiful leathers and suedes to create and play with. I offer scraps as well as full hides from time to time.